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The Romelu Lukaku experience

I don't know what Jamie Carragher was expecting when he woke up to go to work on Saturday. I can't imagine he was expecting to play. And even if he was, I don't think he would have been prepared for Romelu Lukaku. He would not have been prepared for this:

That .gif is a thing of beauty. Youssuf Mulumbu wins the ball in the middle of the pitch, and Lukaku's in a great position to hit Liverpool hard down the right side. He invites the pass, spins before he receives the ball to fool Carragher into taking one step in the wrong direction, and then uses his strength to bowl him over.

After dispatching Carragher, Lukaku then drew Martin Skrtel towards him and played a perfect pass to set up James Morrison in the penalty area, and he would have gotten an assist if Morrison hadn't decided to do an impression of what it looks like when I play football. Yeah, there were other good moments for Lukaku in this match -- a first Premier League goal, for starters -- and yeah, it's just Jamie Carragher, but if you're looking for a reason that Chelsea bought him last summer, that was it. Lukaku possesses a rare and deadly combination of skill, power and speed. Now he needs to learn how to use it consistently.

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