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Wigan 0 - Chelsea 2: Initial thoughts and community rating form

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The first game of the season is over, and Chelsea fans can smile for the most part. We got off to a quick start in this one, and then it looked like we took our collective feet off the gas pedals a bit. Here are my initial thoughts after watching this one, and after the jump you can find the community player ratings for this one.

  • Chelsea looked great coming out of the gate, but after 2 goals in 6 minutes they certainly backed off and defended a bit. With 2 more Premier League matches to be played by this time next week, I really don't have a problem with that. 3 points are 3 points.
  • The David Luiz yellow card was just ridiculous. It wasn't a dangerous challenge, didn't break up a counter, and was his first tackle of the game. After the ref had allowed several challenges from James McCarthy which had both been more dangerous and stopped a potential counter without reaching for his pocket, pulling the Yellow for sideshow was ridiculous. It had no impact on the game at all, but that's 1 yellow he shouldn't have on his card count for the year.
  • Fernando Torres wasn't sharp early. He couldn't seem to stay onside, and when gifted possession in the first half he passed into about the only space that wouldn't have resulted in a shot on goal. The second half was a massively different story though, and the near goal that was cleared away was absolutely beautifully taken. The fact that he fought through the challenge instead of dropping for a penalty made me a very happy camper.
  • Victor Moses scares the poop out of me when he has the ball. I guess that's a good thing if we do manage to sign him.
  • It's nice to see that Oscar got his debut out of the way early. I was pleased with what I saw from the youngster.
  • I could get used to hearing the away fans singing about being Champions of Europe. Fantastic.

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