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FOOTBALL! / 2012-13 Opening Day / First Kick / Dive / Backheel / Open Thread

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Heeeeeeeere's FOOTBALL! From now on, it counts.

None of the big boys play until tomorrow or Monday, so we'll have to make do with some less satisfying appetizers until then. Six matches kick-off at the traditional Saturday afternoon 3pm time-slot (10am EDT), while Newcastle United v. Tottenham Hotspur follow in the late game.

Things to watch for, in no particular order:

  • New Arsenal captain Thomas Vermaelen starting his open auditions for next summer's big money move to the city of Manchester.
  • The suddenly Deuce-less Fulham; come on down the road, Clinttu to Stamford Bridge, the water's fine!
  • QPR's newest signing, the one and only Jose Bosingwa.
  • Liverpool and their added cast of ex-Chelsea men as they vie to become the best of the rest
  • Newcastle-Spurs should be a fun one, even more so with the added sideline antics of Doogie Howser, football manager.