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On The Chicharito Transfer Rumours

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The most punchable face of them all
The most punchable face of them all

There's been some speculation about the state of Manchester United's strike force now that they've added Arsenal captain Robin van Persie to the ranks. Some of that speculation has involved Chelsea -- someone's looked at our relatively weak forward line alongside United's five-headed striker monster and put two and two together to start a Javier Hernandez transfer rumour.

I suspect this is mostly garbage, and I certainly haven't seen a reputable source claiming that there's anything to it. And it looks like Chicharito's agent agrees:

Incorporating van Persie on the team reinforces the strikeforce. There will be more internal competition and Javier is a professional and he knows he will have to face this situation. We are not looking to leave, unless the club tells us otherwise, a situation we have not received from their side. There is a contract and Javier will look to meet it. Manchester's people are honorable and they have told us nothing to the contrary.

-Source: ESPN Soccernet.

I'm not sure I'd want Hernandez anyway, considering what he's likely to cost. He certainly had a fine season with United two years ago, but he was a little off last year, and we'd probably pay through the nose to take him to Stamford Bridge. I like Chicharito as a pure poacher, but he wouldn't really give us a different look up front -- he is what Fernando Torres is hoping to be minus a little bit of buildup play.

I mean, I guess this is worth paying some attention to, because Chelsea do need a striker with Romelu Lukaku on loan at West Bromwich Albion, but on the whole... enh. Seems like mostly speculation to me.