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Conor Clifford Loan Confirmed

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It's not big news, but it is news -- Chelsea and Portsmouth have confirmed today that Conor Clifford will be going down to League One on a month-long loan. Clifford, 21, has already gone out on loan three times, making a total of 26 appearances between Notts County, Plymouth Town, and Yeovil.

We knew that the Portsmouth deal was coming, with Clifford himself confirming a few weeks ago that he'd go on loan to the club as long as their rather messy financial situation was dealt with, so this is hardly a surprise. It's probably a good move for everyone concerned, as well. I'm not going to pretend that I know a lot about the Pompey squad, but considering it was basically gutted earlier in the month I have to imagine that sending players down there is a wonderful way to ensure that the loanees get plenty of time. Good luck to Conor down at Portsmouth!