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Roberto Martinez talks about Chelsea and Victor Moses

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We're finally to the point where we have actual, real games to talk about again. Chelsea will be kicking off their season in just about 48 hours, so we can now turn our attention to Wigan this Sunday. In an odd twist of fate, one of our major transfer targets just happens to play for our opening opponent. Roberto Martinez had the following to say about the Victor Moses situation:

For Victor it's been an exciting summer. I spoke with him and told him he should be very proud, as a footballer at 21, to get the interest he has had. It's something to be happy and extremely proud about and is a football compliment.

But, if you don't meet a valuation, it becomes paper talk and speculation. He is a young man and he knows what he did from December to the end of the season was a great level of performance.

He can take it on to the next level and I am very excited to have Victor at Wigan, and I hope we can keep him for many years to come. Victor is fit and available for the squad and that's what matters.

So from the sounds of it, if we don't finalize a Moses deal by Sunday Martinez will likely play him against us. That would be unfortunate, as Moses has been a major thorn in our side in the past. Sitting Moses, though, would seem to indicate that we're very, very close in the negotiations. Either way, there will be something outside of just the game to watch this weekend when Chelsea and Wigan take the pitch. Stay tuned...

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