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Oscar speaks to Chelsea fans

I hope Oscar plays this weekend so that we'll have some more picture to use
I hope Oscar plays this weekend so that we'll have some more picture to use

Oscar did an interview today that was published over on the official website, and there were a few quotes in that interview that caught my eye. There are a good number of questions and answers that I'm not going to touch on that are worth a read anyway, so you should probably read the entire interview. Some of the highlights, though:

What type of a player should we expect?

In Brazil there is a different type of football, but I think I am seen as an elegant type of ball player, who is creating for another people. I may need to change a little bit over here, but I see myself as that sort of a player who can hopefully make a difference to the team.

Roberto Di Matteo says it is possible you could feature on Sunday against Wigan...

I am really happy that the manager is already thinking of me and putting me in his plans. I feel I could do well if I am called upon on Sunday because I have been playing regular games and am in a good rhythm. I am ready to go.

Do you feel it could take time to adapt a little on the pitch?

I am hoping it will not take too long to adapt. There is a multinational team here with other Brazilians and Latin players, not just an English team or league, so they will help me through their past experiences and so I hope it won't be too much of a problem.

I'm a bit surprised that we'd even consider using him this weekend, as Oscar just finished his first training session with the team today. That speaks volumes about the 20 year old's ability and demeanor, and I truly don't see his game having too much difficulty adapting to England. With that in mind, if the result is in doubt with 20 minutes to play against Wigan, I'd be very surprised to see him making a cameo in the first match of the season.

The more I see and hear from Oscar, the more it looks like Chelsea really did make an excellent move here. The kid still needs to learn English, but his translated interviews make him seem like the kind of kid that's going to be a fantastic addition off the pitch. Hopefully there isn't too much transition on the pitch, and it will be interesting to see how he fits in tactically with the squad. From the sounds of it, we may get a look this weekend.

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