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Some thoughts on Victor Moses from a Wigan blogger

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All signs seem to be pointing to Chelsea signing Victor Moses before the close of the transfer window. Some of us (myself included) love the idea. Some hate it. Some are on the fence. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that most of us only occasionally watch Wigan play, so there are certainly people out there that have probably seen an awful lot more of Victor than any of us here at WAGNH. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to ask a few questions to a Wigan Athletic blogger.

Luckily for you WAGNH readers, SB Nation just happens to have it's very own Wigan Athletic blog. If you've never explored the network, Pie Eaters Footie is an excellent resource for all things Wigan. You should all head over and check it out, as they'll have some great and very relevant stuff this week with Chelsea set to play Wigan in the opener. HeapyLatic was kind enough to take some time and answer a few questions for all of us here at WAGNH about Victor Moses, and you can look forward to some more Wigancentric insight later in the week about the opening game. Hit the jump to see the Q&A about Moses, and feel free to discuss these viewpoints in the comments section below.

What does Victor Moses bring to the table as far as skills go?

Moses is all about skills. In terms of his ability to run at and beat players, he is one of that breed of players that can do what he wants to do when he puts his mind to it. He reminds me very much of a young Ryan Giggs when he runs head down, looking to beat players with pace and little shimmys, along with the newer flicks and tricks. What Moses lacks is a final product, had he scored half of the chances he had last season he could have had 18 goals easy. Sometimes he looks like he panics in front of goal. Yet with more games comes more experience and that is all he needs.

Do you think he's ready for a title contending club?

We just won't know till it happens, he could go on and set Chelsea alight when he signs. Yet then he could put his feet up and not be bothered, although that isn't really Victor's style. Moses will always work hard and try to get himself into the game, that is one thing that sets Moses apart from other players like him, he works tirelessly and then still has more to beat players and get into the second half of the pitch to cause havoc and create chances.

A long season with say 40 games at such a high level would possibly be a push too far. Yet Roberto Di Matteo knows what he is doing and would likely blood him in slowly into the team playing games now and then off the bench, that is really how he will impact you for the forth-coming season. Moses could be one of the players that can win games on his own, and pick up crucial points/victories when you need them, coming off the bench to drive at defenders and get them turning towards their own goals.

Would he be a viable alternative in the center should injury force Chelsea to use him there?

We at Wigan have never seen him down the middle as the main striker. He has played behind a main man, and that for me is as far forward has he could go. Yet he has played there for Crystal Palace and did really well at it. For me though Moses has an Henry style of forward play. Liking to cut in from the wings to drive the ball and the goal and score goals. Being only 21 and with international quality players around him, it wouldn't surprise me if Moses could play as a striker. But he wouldn't be a player who could throw his body about and hold the ball up, Victor would need someone along side him, or you would have to play the ball long in behind the opposition to allow him to use his pace.

Thanks again to HeapyLatic for taking the time to answer my questions. A different perspective is always useful, and no doubt this is as informed an opinion as we're likely to see. Best of luck to you guys this season, but feel free to have a stinker in your opener. I promise, we Chelsea fans won't mind at all.

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