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Eden Hazard: "I would be even keen to play at left-back"

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We've had a lot of people tell us about Eden Hazard's attitude. Tellingly, none of these people know Eden Hazard -- they're just making inferences from the transfer saga that played out after last season and his somewhat flamboyant style of play. One person who does know Hazard quite well is... well, himself, and it's quotes from the 21-year-old which will give you the best idea of the kind of player he is:

Beyond the result [of Sunday's match], I am happy with that first test. I felt at ease. We still have to sort out some details in attack but it will come. I am confident. I have adapted quickly.

Playing playmaker or not? I have just arrived and the only important thing to me is to play - in any position. I would be even keen to play at left-back. There are a lot of talented players in [the Chelsea] team. There is competition - it is the highest level.

-Source: Sky Sports News.

That's not the language a primadonna uses. It's the language of someone thoroughly confident in his own abilities but willing to do whatever's asked of him regardless. Of course, it might also be the language of someone cynical enough to say exactly what he know will sound good, which I'm not ruling out, but ignoring that possibility it's becoming increasingly obvious that Hazard isn't quite the man he was portrayed as prior to his arrival. How endearing.

Now he just needs to stop falling over on backheels and everything will be hunky-dory. It's ok to do it during pre-season, Eden. Just not when it matters.

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