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Gary Cahill's Back

And he still has at least half of his fingers!
And he still has at least half of his fingers!

Were you worried about Gary Cahill? Well, you shouldn't have been. Unless you were worried that he's an evil robot who will take over the world. Or a hallucination. I guess there are lots of things you can still be worried about. Feel free to keep on fretting over those things. What you can stop worrying about, however, is the double jaw fracture he suffered on England duty before the Euros.

Chelsea have confirmed that Cahill is now back in full training (he'd missed the first five days), is fully recovered from the injury that saw him ruled out of England's quarterfinal run and will be accompanying the team on their summer tour of the United States. That's not much of a surprise, considering how mild the break seemed to be, but it's good to see considering how badly we suffer whenever one of the four centre backs is out.

You're still on my list though, Dries Mertens.

PS: Cahill really does look like Eden Hazard's elder brother, doesn't he?

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