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As JT's trial begins, Rio Ferdinand cracks jokes

As I'm sure all of you are already aware, John Terry began his trial this morning. Rio Ferdinand made sure we all knew he was aware, as he left us with this tweet as we awoke:

Look, we all know that Ferdinand is going to support his brother. We also knows he probably feels a bit aggrieved that he was left off the Euro 2012 squad in favor of John Terry. While those are certainly acceptable grievances from his perspective, taking to twitter in this manner probably is not the best way to voice his thoughts.

Look Rio, you're entitled to your opinion. You're also probably going to face an awful lot of booing for it every time you square off against Chelsea from here on out. Next time you come to the Bridge and hear booing every time you touch the ball, don't try to claim it's because of the color of your skin or Chelsea fans supporting any sort of racist activity. It's simply because you're acting like a giant douche when you have every opportunity to take the high road.

This trial is going to evoke all sorts of emotional responses from both players and fans, and it would probably be in everyone's best interest if you just stop cracking jokes about it. Let Terry and your brother have their day in court, and then allow the FA to do their thing. You may very well be vindicated for being left off the squad, you may not, but by acting this way you're simply making yourself look foolish as well. There is simply no reason to make these comments, as they do nothing but evoke emotional responses from others. Beyond being related to Anton, you have absolutely nothing to so with this trial. You really should stay out of it and behave with a little class. This is not a situation where a reporter baited you to answer a question, you simply had to crack this joke for all the world to see. Grow up Rio Ferdinand, and start acting like an adult.

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