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Ryan Giggs, Serial Adulterer, Named Team GB Captain

Come on, ladies, you know you want to.
Come on, ladies, you know you want to.

Remember that time John Terry slept with newly-signed Brighton left back Wayne Bridge's ex-wife and it cost him the England captaincy?

Yeah, that never happened. Of course, the rumoured affair with Vanessa Perroncel, a woman who, it should be noted, never actually married Wayne Bridge[, a fact which many seem to forget], did cost John Terry the captaincy of England, at least temporarily, before he lost it for good due to allegations of racially-abusing Anton Ferdinand.

Despite the fact that both parties have strenuously denied that the affair even happened, the precedent had been set. Get involved in an extramarital scandal, lose your ability to be captain. Well, at least we thought that precedent had been set. That was until this morning...

... when it was announced that Manchester United and ex-Wales midfielder Ryan Giggs has been appointed captain of the one-off Team GB football squad. This is the Ryan Giggs who, if you'll remember, was also under the protection of a super-injunction after a[ very-real] affair with former Miss Wales and Big Brother "star" Imogen Thomas, and was later revealed to have spent plenty of "quality time" with his brother's wife during an eight-year affair.

If we take John Terry's imaginary affair as the standard for not being a national team captain, Giggs shouldn't even be on the pitch as anyone with an armband, memorial, decorative, or captain's. It's during times like these that, as a Chelsea supporter, you can see the media bias manifest against us. Or can we? Obviously, John Terry had the misfortune to fall victim to the false accusations while holding the armband and after a career full of less-than-savoury behaviour, and Giggs benefited both from a year to let the controversy die down, and a long career as a model professional, but still, it doesn't make sense!

Okay, so it might be the case that the real perpetrator of injustice is actually the public with their Super Rabble Rabble powers, but still. If you're a Chelsea fan, you have to feel a little cheesed off by the fact that Ryan Giggs is good enough to be captain, despite his awful, awful conduct. At the end of the day, let's all wind up our United-supporting friends today, make plenty of Twitter jokes, and support the Chelsea members of Team GB, Ryan Bertrand and Daniel Sturridge.*

Still though! COME ON! : D

*If he's fit after his viral meningitis, which I hope he is.

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