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Lampard rubbishes Galaxy link

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The ITK's of the world have been running wild with the Frank Lampard to LA Galaxy rumors this week. Despite the fact that the Galaxy cannot currently add another designated player (Lamps would be their 4th), the media has been running the story anyway. Lampard did his part in squashing it today though, letting us all know exactly what is going on. According to Lampard:

There's nothing in that at all

He'd go on to add:

Now I'm really looking forward to getting back to Chelsea. I'm feeling fit and fresh and I'm raring to go. My thigh strain is completely healed now and maybe missing the Euros was a blessing in disguise for me. I had a full summer off and I'm ready to go back to start the hard work for the new season. We've more to look forward to with the Super Cup and World Club Championships.

That's good news for Chelsea fans, as it appears that Lampard will at worst play out the final year of his deal. Combined with the words of Roberto Di Matteo, it appears that Lampard is very much in the plans of the club this season.

I know it's silly season and the media is running wild, but this should serve as another reminder that not everything you read in the media has any basis in reality. This seem especially relevant with the recent rumors that we're looking to add Bastian Schweinsteiger. If something just doesn't make sense and has no sort of source, odds are there's nothing behind it. Oh well, I'm sure we'll have a ridiculous new rumor tomorrow now that this one is squashed.

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