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The Mirror claims we'll be seeing Victor Moses join Chelsea in the next 24 hours

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The Mirror are really on their game today. First they had some unsourced news that Luka Modric had agreed to join Real Madrid and the only thing holding up the deal was Daniel Levy. That would be the same Daniel Levy who turned down silly money from Chelsea last summer despite Modric clearly wanting to switch his London based employer. Now they give us the "news" that Chelsea will be adding Victor Moses to the roster at some point today. The source? Well, there isn't one. Oh well, when would a company with as high a standards as the Mirror clearly have let a silly little thing like that get in the way of paper sales and page hits? Anyway, here's the highlights from the story:

Chelsea’s offer is expected to be a guaranteed £7million-plus with some extras to take the sum for the young Nigerian attacker up to £10m.

That sounds all well and good, and frankly I don't think that's an unreasonable price for someone of Victor's age and obvious talent. It would really seem to make sense if we were considering sending them a player on loan, as there doesn't seem to be much reason to think they won't be trying to fight off relegation yet again.

I doubt the Mirror actually have anything concrete behind this "news", but it's certainly nice to know that Pinto de Costa has to be concerned that a big money club might add a 3rd winger in the same window and lowering the value of his best asset in the process. Who knows, maybe this will prompt him to get on the phone and actually get a deal done for the Brazilian at a reasonable price. If so, thanks Mirror.

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