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Club World Cup To Feature Goal-Line Technology

Hey look it's a non-goal.
Hey look it's a non-goal.

Chelsea's Champions League win means that the Blues will be partaking in the first significant test of goal-line technology, which has just been approved by FIFA:

There probably aren't enough games at the CWC for there to be a significant chance of seeing it actually used, but the matches don't really matter anyway so whatever. I find the obsession with goal-line technology absolutely fascinating and quite spectacularly wrong-headed, for what it's worth - the main problem with incorrectly allowed and disallowed goals in football is to do with the offside rule (which is, in my opinion, easily correctable with the clever application of technology) - but the media has somehow contrived to make GLT the main focus of debate.

That's not to say it won't be helpful*. Obviously we want as many calls to be correct as possible, and this will help. But bringing a tonne of money to bear on a sexy but rare problem instead of the one which pops up all the time in order to appease the braying mouths of assorted journalists? How very modern of football.

*Except in cases like the Ukraine no-goal against England. The use of GLT in Euro 2012 would have resulted in a goal being given despite the whole play being offside, the official's second error making up for the first.

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