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Why we should all be hoping Arsenal don't sell Robin Van Persie this summer

Arsenal's wantaway captain
Arsenal's wantaway captain

Robin Van Persie is Arsenal's best player and captain. Arsenal finished above us in the table last year, and they are always a close rival. The fact that Van Persie has declared that he has no intention of extending his contract at Arsenal should have all of us celebrating, after all, a sale now seems inevitable and there is virtually no chance that Arsenal replace Robin with a player of equal talent. In my eyes, this is the worst case scenario for Chelsea. Here's why I feel that way:

  • RVP's value is as high as it's ever been. Arsenal will make a fair deal of cash to reinvest should they sell him now. Should he leave on a free next summer, Arsenal have nothing to reinvest.
  • Anyone likely to buy RVP this summer likely has nothing to worry about with FFP. City or PSG just aren't going to comply anyway, and Real or Barca are in no real danger of failing to comply. I suppose that Juve could end up in the mix, but frankly there is just no chance they outbid the rest of the field. The only potential buyer that would be on shaky ground with FFP should they buy RVP would be us.
  • Fernando Torres looks set to be our number 1 striker this season. We all know the questions with that. Having a world class striker that we know will be available next summer on a free should Torres flop is a very nice safety net to have. There's also the possibility that RVP would be available if we need him in January.
  • RVP's potential wages can only go down at this point. He'll be a year older, and frankly it will be nearly impossible to replicate his form for another whole season. Beyond possibly saving a transfer fee by waiting, Chelsea could potentially be looking at a lower wage as well. FFP still looms...

RVP leaving Arsenal will definitely weaken a Premier League opponent, and that is always a good thing. He'd be a poor buy right now for Chelsea though, and his joining another club would strengthen a very legitimate contender in one or more of the competitions we're playing in next season. Given the choice between seeing RVP at Arsenal or City this season, I'd take Arsenal every single time. I'm legitimately hoping that Arsenal hold Van Persie to his contract, create disharmony in their dressing room, and then make RVP available on a free next summer. That said, I'm not going to shed a tear if they just sell him this summer. Just please don't sell him to City...

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