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Ex Chelsea Manager Andre Villas-Boas Appointed To Spurs: A Few Thoughts

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You can hardly blame Tottenham Hotspur for not being able to resist the young, puppy eyes of a ginger Portugese, especially when the other option is Harry Redknapp. Andre Villas-Boas, the man who was Chelsea manager waaay back at the start of the season just finished - how long ago does that seem?! - has today been appointed, not as manager, but as 'Head Coach' at London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

This may be a particularly hard pill to swallow for some fans, considering that Villas-Boas used to be Chelsea manager and is now working at one of our fiercest rivals.

However, it's important to take stock of this situation as a whole. We are all Chelsea fans, who would reasonably expect dedication and utter loyalty to the blue side of London, only mentioning the West London neighbours when we feel the need to pick on the fact they have some sort of a silly chicken in their crest. We see football as a livelihood, an escape.

On the other hand, Villas-Boas, while he certainly has obvious ties to Chelsea, sees football as a job. He chose Chelsea back in 2011 because it presented him with the opportunity to take a massive step in his career. He stuffed it up. Now, Tottenham are offering him the chance to regain employment and allow him to fulfil his goals. I think we should respect him for that, and resist the temptation to assault his character and question his loyalty to Chelsea. In the end, the loyalty Villas-Boas has is for the game. Whether you dislike or hate Totttenham Hotspur, be mindiful of that, because there's nothing criminally wrong with not being a Chelsea fan.

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