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The Salomon Rondon rumors start to make more sense

Earlier this summer we were linked to Salomon Rondon, and at the time it made very little sense due to the fact that Malaga had some very rich ownership. A few weeks later we heard that Malaga were having some issues paying their bills, and last night I saw this:

Obviously this is very much unconfirmed at the moment, but if true the Rondon and Cazorla rumors coming out of Malaga make an awful lot more sense. They've never struck me as an ownership group that wanted to dive into the transfer market the way that Chelsea, City, PSG, or even Anzhi have. They did make a couple of buys last summer, but nothing really mind boggling.

It's entirely plausible that the ownership group in Malaga has gotten a better look at just how little chance that a club like Malaga will ever have to compete with the big 2 in La Liga, as frankly they'd have had to spend a pretty astronomical amount of money to have any sort of realistic chance of playing on that level. Malaga without rich ownership would likely be in a situation that they needed to cash in on some assets, and Malaga without ownership that's willing to pour money into the club would probably also need to cash in on a few of their better players. This will be worth watching, especially if talks of a Romelu Lukaku loan start to heat up now that the club is back in England.

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