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Oscar watch: Oscar and Brazil take on Belarus open thread

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Oscar and his Brazilian teammates will play their second game of the Olympics, this time taking on surprising qualifier Belarus at Old Trattford. The lineups are as follows:

Brazil: Neto, Rafael, Thiago Silva, Juan, Marcelo, Sandro, Romulo, Oscar, Hulk, Neymer, Alexander Pato

Subs: Gabriel, Lucas Moura, Leandro Damiao, Bruno Uvini, Danilo, Ganso, Alex Sandro

Belarus: Gutor, Dragun, Kuzmenok, Poletivich, Baga, Kornilenko, Bressen, Kozlov, Aleksievich, Gordeichuk, Polyakov

Subs: Gavrilovich, Kavashchinsky, Voronkov, Zubovich, Solovei, Scherbakov, Skavysh

Oscar will be fun to watch. Hulk and Neymar are always worth a follow as well. I'm really looking forward to the commentary in this one though, as that Belarus squad presents some difficult challenges. Discuss any other games here as well, but we'll have another thread up for the Spain and England games that involve Chelsea players.