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Andre Villas-Boas Should Probably Shut Up

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I don't mind Andre Villas-Boas as much as some do. While I am skeptical of his lineups and incredibly concerned about his inability to manage either players or the media, I'd still guess that he'll have an incredibly successful career, assuming he learns from his previous mistakes. And assuming he's not a total, total, total knobhead.

But, uh, bad news on the knobhead front...

I think the warmth of the group is excellent to see, and you know two different groups react differently. And we've [sic] that the spirit within this group has been fantastic - it's different from what I had in the last year.

-Andre Villas-Boas, Tottenham Hotspur manager. Source: Mirror.

Assuming he's being quoted correctly by the Mirror, this is pretty ridiculous. Chelsea's spirit is different to 'fantastic'? Really? I don't like making assumptions about what happens in the locker room, but when the entire Champions League run saw them overcoming ludicrous obstacles (the defeat in Napoli, being down ten men against Barcelona, facing Bayern Munich in the Allianz) and was at least partially attributed to the fantastic team spirit Roberto di Matteo instilled, it's really really really [fun]ing rich for Villas-Boas to take shots at Chelsea here.

Sure, maybe he's doing it to motivate his new players, and it's perfectly legitimate to criticise Chelsea if he feels he was mistreated. But if Villas-Boas wants to take a serious look at his time with Chelsea and what happened in the dressing room, he absolutely has to recognise what happened after he left. It wasn't us, Andre. It was you. Stop being a knobhead.

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