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Fabio Capello speaks about the FA's decision to strip John Terry of the captaincy

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We're expecting to hear any day now whether the FA will be charging John Terry after the Anton Ferdinand/QPR comments, but today we heard from Fabio Capello on the matter of Terry being stripped of the England captaincy. He didn't have too much to say, but what he did say was interesting. From Capello himself:

In England, with my contract, it was on paper who should be the captain. It was a decision for the coach. It was down on paper. If I had taken the team to the Euros it would have been even better, but the John Terry story meant I couldn’t go to the finals.

I achieved everything I wanted to achieve with England. I worked in England for four years and after everything that happened I was pissed off, so I wanted to stop. I was not given the opportunity to fight for the Euros with England because of everything that happened with John Terry.

When you are told the goal and you are always interfered with, then you don’t feel well and are ill at ease. I wanted to become the main guy of the national team to take the team to Brazil in 2014. I wanted that again.

Despite where you may stand on Terry's guilt or lack thereof, it's pretty hard to find fault with anything Capello is saying. Capello sounds like he had the right to make decisions about the English captaincy, and from the sounds of it the FA didn't honor that contract. It's hard to fault him for leaving, and it's hard to feel sorry for England after they had such a miserable showing yet again at the Euros. Best of luck in Russia Fabio, Yuri Zhirkov and company are lucky to have you.

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