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Kevin De Bruyne Certain Of Loan Spell

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We're getting closer and closer to a Kevin de Bruyne loan deal, with Werder Bremen in pole position to wrap it up as soon as next week. We've heard from de Bruyne's prospective new team on the issue, but there's been some question as to whether a loan deal would actually be best for him.

Well, the player himself has now weighed in, and his answer is pretty unequivocally yes:

Je pars c'est sûr ! Je ne pense pas que je jouerai beaucoup avec Chelsea. De plus, on me fait jouer à droite alors que je n'ai jamais joué à cette position. Hier, j'ai fait deux entraînements très physiques avec les jeunes. J'ai dit au coach que si je devais continuer à m'entraîner avec les jeunes, je partais directement. Je dois jouer des matches si je veux progresser. J'aime trop le ballon, j'aime trop le jeu pour rester sur le banc. Le coach sait très bien que pas mal de clubs me veulent en prêt, il comprend ma situation. Quand je suis arrivé à Chelsea, il était clair à 90 % que j'allais être prêté. Aujourd'hui, ça l'est encore davantage.


Roughly translated, that's:

I'm leaving, that's sure. I don't think I will play much for Chelsea. Also, they make me play on the right but I have never played that position. Yesterday I did two very tough training sessions with the reserves. I said to the manager that if I continue to train with the reserves, I will leave shortly.I have to get game time if I want to improve. I love the ball too much, I love the game too much to sit on the bench. The manager knows very well that good clubs want me on loan, he understands my situation. When I came to Chelsea, it was 90% positive that I would be loaned out. Now, it's even more so.

So there you have it. De Bruyne is unhappy about being a reserve player, and would like to go out on loan. This was entirely expected (from everyone), so hopefully he can go out, refine his craft, and come back ready to compete for starting minutes next season. We shouldn't be keeping top prospects around unless they can get some serious time, and with Eden Hazard, Juan Mata and Marko Marin all able to do what de Bruyne does but better, keeping him around as a bench option makes very little sense. Evidently, Chelsea agree.

Sooooo... have fun in Germany, Kevin. Come back super-duper awesome, please.

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