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Good News, Everyone! Chelsea's Got A New Kit!

On the heels of our unfortunate defeat to MLS All-Stars, Chelsea saw fit to give us the gift of a much better away kit! I can hear you saying, "Does that mean the sash is gone?" and all I can say is, no, absolutely not, but you're going to appreciate it a whole lot more once you see this.

Recalling all the worst sins of the 1990s, the black kit, which features adidas' signature three stripes in sun yellow, and also features a icky bold pattern in yellow on the chest and abdomen. The "sun yellow" is meant to bring to mind Chelsea long history of wearing yellow away kits with much success.

Unfortunately for adidas, the random pattern and overuse of the fade effect -- which also features oh-so-prominently on the stripes of our be-sashed away kit -- means this kit is something of a horror show. Despite my hatred for the clutter of our third kit, I actually like the colour combination, and imagine it will look okay on TV the six times we use it. After all, rarely being used is the one benefit of an ugly third kit.

Now you know my opinion, take a closer look for yourselves, and vote in the poll below.

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