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2012 Summer Olympics: Men's Football - 26 July: Evening Open Thread

You're probably going to choose Oscar, let's face it.
You're probably going to choose Oscar, let's face it.

Olympic football is back after a four-year gap. Well, Men's football is. The Women's tournament began yesterday. The first game on the Women's side, Great Britain v New Zealand, actually featured Chelsea LFC's Kiwi midfielder Hayley Moorwood who captained the New Zealand side, and British defender Claire Rafferty, who sadly didn't see the pitch.

This is the thread for the "evening" games, which are the final three matches of the day.

These are: Belarus v New Zealand and Brazil v Egypt both at 19:45, and finally Great Britain v Senegal at 20:00. [All times BST]

The schedule is kind of stupid for me. Why have three matches all start within 15 minutes of each other, especially two big matches, like the Brazil and Great Britain games? In any case, it's the second two matches we're interested in, as most of Chelsea's Olympic contingent will be featuring in the two matches. Since you likely can't watch both matches at once, you're going to have choose between new boy Oscar, who will likely start for Brazil, and their opponent from last week, Team GB, which will probably feature Chelsea's young stars Ryan Bertrand and Danny Sturridge.

If you're having trouble finding coverage, you should be able to find a listing through your local Olympic broadcaster's website, or, at the very least, Google.

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