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Rubin Kazan Give Chelsea Some Money

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Rubin Kazan have given us some money. I'm not entirely sure how much money, but it's more than €2.5M. Why are they doing this? Thank Chelsea's occaisionally-panned academy. People like to gripe about the lack of first-team players said academy has produced since the much-publicised investment a few years ago, but the truth is that it's more difficult to get players into our first team than it is pretty much everywhere else. Meanwhile, the players trained at Chelsea end up being valuable assets elsewhere.

In this case, Gokhan Tore's been doubly valuable. Tore, if you recall, is a Turkish winger the Blues sold to Hamburg last summer for €1.3M. The 20-year-old then had a historical season, if you believe in the value of the 'dribbles' stat (which you shouldn't). But he wasn't ever going to have been good enough for Chelsea, and his decent season has lead to him catching the attention of Kazan, who, according to Hamburg sporting director Frank Arnesen, have paid more than €5M for his services.

That's relevant to Chelsea because they inserted a clause that entitled them to fifty percent of Tore's sell-on value. That means that the Blues have now received something over €3.8M (£3M) for a player who had no future with the club. Pretty good going, eh?

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