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Oscar may not have cost as much as the English media would lead you to believe

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Bongarts/Getty Images

The English press has been exploding with the news of the Oscar signing, most outlets claiming that we paid a whopping £25 million. That would seem an awful lot higher than we were rumored to be paying just 10 days ago when Internacional were rumored to be looking for a much lower amount. Luckily Paulo Freitas is sharing what the Brazilian media are reporting, and that seems to be a lot more logical:

This seems to fit the mold of the English media. See a transfer figure, buyout, or wage and proceed to stick a pound sterling symbol in front of it. Unfortunately for the English press, most of the world operates using a different currency and report their transactions accordingly. It's amazing how quickly figures become inflated when they do this, and those eye popping figures are probably the reason that most editors just don't seem to give a damn. After all, shocking figures sell and piss off the fans of smaller spending clubs. Now they can run with "Chelsea are ruining football! Down with Chelsea!"

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