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John Terry should know soon if he'll be charged by the FA

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The FA began investigating the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand situation last year but put the investigation on hold when the police became involved in the situation. With the Terry trial now over, it seems the FA have resumed their investigation into whether or not Terry will be charged. Multiple news sources have been reporting today that Terry expects to hear by the end of the week if he's going to be charged by the FA and their lower burden of proof.

Frankly this whole matter has drawn itself out substantially longer than it should have, as the police becoming involved in what seemed like a case they could never win in criminal court has just made this into a ridiculously lengthy affair. Both Anton and Rio Ferdinand could also be looking at FA sanctions now, Anton for his non-racially related abuse of John Terry in the same match, and Rio for his ridiculously poorly thought out re-tweeted remarks about Ashley Cole (which could certainly be considered racially motivated as well).

Should Terry be charged, it would seem to be that the Luis Suarez decision from what seems like forever ago will probably serve as a bit of a benchmark for the punishment. It's hard to get a feel for exactly what the FA may find by using the Suarez case as a template though, as the court proceedings have already made clear that a partially obstructed video will not be expanded on by witnesses as was the case with Evra/Suarez. Frankly, when the FA is involved it's awfully hard to expect a logical decision anyway, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what transpires here. We'll have more for you as we hear it.

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