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RDM comments on formation, Fernando Torres will be re-joining the squad today

Roberto Di Matteo had some comments following last night's draw with PSG, and i'm going to highlight a few that really caught my eye. On Lucas Piazon:

He is still a young boy but he has been very impressive in the training and in these friendly games. Playing up front as the striker is not his natural position but in these two games he did very well and he scored a very good goal tonight. He is certainly one to watch for the future.

The fact that Di Matteo is playing him out of position on the tour as opposed to getting him a few minutes at a more natural position would clearly indicate to me that he's not all that close to the first team in Di Matteo's eye. If there was some chance we'd be seeing regular cameos this season from Piazon, I'd have to assume he'd be playing someone else out of position up front as opposed to Piazon. On Eden Hazard:

Hazard is a versatile player and he can play on the wing and he can play in the middle and that is where we are using him, but it depends on the options we have because once everyone is back we will have more of those.

That sounds about right. On his formation:

This formation is a shape that we used at the end of last season and it has served us well. We are trying two shapes in practice as well to be ready for all eventualities, and it will also depends on the players we will have available.

That also sounds like about what we should expect. I'd imagine we'll see at least a glimpse of the other shapes this summer in preparation for the season, so it will be something to keep an eye on in the next 4 friendlies. Finally of note in the article is the fact that Fernando Torres is rejoining the club today in Philly. He'll likely not be involved in anything more than a brief cameo on Wednesday, but I'd expect to see a healthy dose of Torres in Miami. Hopefully Romelu Lukaku makes the most of the opportunity to start again on Tuesday, as opportunities are about to get a little harder to come by.

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