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Internacional President Confirms 'Verbal Agreement' With Chelsea For Oscar


The Oscar deal is looking quite a lot like the Eden Hazard saga from earlier in the summer. We were pretty sure Hazard was heading to Chelsea, but nobody was quite willing to believe until the transfer was actually completed and announced by the teams. That's despite everyone -- including the player -- reporting it as a done deal.

For situations like this, we're just going to get more and more sure something's happening until it actually gets done, at which point we end up more relieved that the transfer's confirmed than excited about it. So let's keep to the script:

So yeah, we've got the player confirming a medical, Internacional confirming that there's a deal in place... any really rational person would conclude that Oscar's definitely going to end up at Stamford Bridge. But since we're Chelsea fans, let's just keep touching wood until it actually happens. Heck, let's just start gluing pieces of wood to ourselves and pretending to be Ents.

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