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Oscar Gives Us An Update On His Future

Bongarts/Getty Images

Oscar's supposed £25M transfer to Chelsea has been looking pretty good lately, although not set in stone. We've had some semi-confirmation that he's taken a medical and Brazil coach Mano Menezes has been talking about him like he's a Chelsea player, but we haven't had any word from the clubs that a deal is done, nor have we heard from the player.

Naturally, we're craving some sort of news that indicates that this transfer is actually going to happen. On Friday, Sky Sports stepped up to fill the void.

They started us off with a teaser:

And then they followed through with an interview of the 20-year-old midfielder, who'd just come off an impressive display against the collective might of 'Team GB' at the Riverside. What did Oscar have to say? Paraphrasing, it was something like:

I've met with the Chelsea doctor, but I've yet to sign a contract. I will decide my future after the Olympics. It is my dream to play in the Premier League and England.

What can we take away from this? Well, the deal between Chelsea and Internacional has to be done at this point, otherwise we presumably wouldn't be allowed to be giving him medicals. But, as expected, we're not going to get any closure to this deal until after the Olympics.

On the plus side, the medical is now confirmed, so things are moving pretty smoothly, and I'd be highly confident that we're going to get an Oscar announcement immediately after the Games are over. On the downside, if you've taken a medical, the transfer is essentially done, so just sign already. I don't want to have to wait.

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