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On The Robert Lewandowski To Chelsea Rumour

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Since some of you are going to be asking about the 'news' that Borussia Dortmund have rejected a £17M bid by Chelsea for Polish striker for Robert Lewandowski, I'm going to have to respond to it. Here is that response. If you see this...

...and there's nobody else talking about the subject, ignore the post entirely. The same is true for stories that are hanging around on Tribal Football and, neither of which are the least bit reliable. Have Chelsea bid on Lewandowski? Possibly, but Harris isn't reliable (see here), and there's absolutely no reason to believe that his sources are trustworthy. Even the Mail are right more often. This has been a public service announcement.

PS: Lewandowski is super neat and I'd like him a lot but this isn't even a real transfer rumour yet and I doubt BVB would sell anyway so whatever.