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Willian claims our bid was €25 million and wants to move to Chelsea

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Globo Esporte has some very interesting news this afternoon. They've attributed some quotes to Shakhtar's Willian, and if they are true they help to clear up an awful lot about our bid for the player last week. I've highlighted a few of the more interesting quotes, but the entire interview is worth a read*:

*I have no idea why Globo Espote can't figure out the conversion to US dollars...those figures are way off

I do not know what the coach said, but the correct value is € 25 million. Regardless of price, it is clear that the desire is great to play at a club like Chelsea, Champion of Champions. I'm really upset with the board for not letting me leave. It would be good for me and also for the club. There is a message for anyone, everyone knows what I want out.

It is always difficult to negotiate here, there is a history with several players who have left the outs, as Matuzalem, Elano himself. Me is likewise difficult club in any way. I fear for the reputation of the club until the new ones coming out of Brazil may move the club to look the other way. I'm five years ago at the club and not four proposed Chelsea were sufficient. The first was € 20 million, the second € 20 million + € 5 million bonus. Who wants to come here to get stuck? It's two and a half year contract and, however much money you have, nobody likes to lose.

This is certainly interesting. While possibly a bit high, the bids Willian is suggesting we made are not ridiculous by any means. This is also clearly showing that the player is not happy at the club, and the fact that he's publicly criticizing them for refusing to let him leave can only hurt them in future player recruitment. It's hard to say if we'll come back to Shakthar with a new bid, but these quotes make it clear at this point that the player hopes we do and that he's allowed to leave.

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