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Chelsea have now lodged 3 bids for Victor Moses

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I think many of us are expecting some news on the Oscar front this morning, but as of yet we don't have anything new to share with you. We do, however, have a few other interesting items to note that could be important moves as Chelsea attempt to fill out their roster. We've had news from England that Chelsea have lodged a 3rd bid for Wigan's Victor Moses that was rejected as well. From Dave Whelan's mouth:

They've made three bids and we've not accepted any. They've all come in the last three weeks but they've not offered enough. I don't know if they'll bid again but if they do we always listen. We're still hoping that he signs an extended deal. If the lad had any brains he'd stay under Roberto for another year or so.

Moses, Schurrle, and Willian would all fill essentially the same role for the club, and it's really starting to appear that Chelsea are determined to add at least 1 more player of that type to the mix. Moses would appear to be the best value (as well as being homegrown), so I'd be fairly surprised if we don't come back with a 4th bid at some point in the very near future. It's also beginning to sound like Whelan has more or less accepted that Moses won't be extending his deal with Wigan and is a bit frustrated by the whole thing. We're definitely interested in Moses, so don't be surprised to hear of a 4th bid in the very near future.

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