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Report: Lalkovic and Delac heading to Portugal

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Milan Lalkovic hinted at a move in the past week, and today it appears that we know where he'll be spending some of the 2012/13 season. According to the club, Milan Lalkovic and Matej Delac are set to be joining Vitoria S.C. The report does not specify if the loan is for the full season or of a shorter variety, but I'm sure we'll hear more in the coming days as far as that is concerned.

As far as this loan goes, it would appear to be a solid one for Lalkovic. VSC lacks depth on the wings, and it would appear that Lalkovic will have an excellent chance to earn regular minutes. Delac finally has a real opportunity here though, as VSC has an opening as far as their regular starting goalkeeper is concerned after long term starter Nilson Correa decided to leave the club at the age of 37. Joining up with the Liga Sagres club this early in the preseason can only help with the pair's chances of seeing time. Best of luck to these 2 in Portugal, I guess now I have a reason to tune into some VSC games.

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