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A dormant site is a rubbish site - we apologize

You may be wondering why The CO has been largely comatose for nearly two months. It's a good question.

A lot of it could be traced to lethargy. Both Devin and I work full time; we also have lives to attend to. Not really a fitting excuse (at least from my perspective), but it's true to an extent. Some of this also comes down to apathy. Why apathy? Well, here's why - the servers on which The Offside is built are, well, fucking rubbish. It's difficult to stay motivated when each time you attempt to sign in to do a piece, your Wordpress dashboard is unavailable. Waiting 30-plus minutes for the problem to be rectified isn't my cup of tea. It's not Devin's, either.


Still, we founded Chelsea Offside with a view to raise the standard of Chelsea blogging on the Internet. In this sense, we have failed over the past two months. We strive to bring you a regular account of our favorite club. We're talking breaking news, incisive analysis and hard-edged editorial - all this with a bizarre sense of humor that may take you a while to warm to.  We haven't done that since the end of the season.

We apologize. There are a number of projects in the pipeline, one pretty massive, but we're unsure when this will go down. In the meantime, we're going to work our asses off to return The CO to where it was just a few months ago. We encourage all of you to make suggestions on how we can make this unique space better. Without you, we don't exist after all. Furthermore, we thank you for sticking it out with us of late. It means a lot.

Anyway. Enough with the formalities - let's get back to the grind.

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