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And There Rose A Lusty Yell, For Willian, Mighty Willian, Was Advancing to the Bat

Hahahahahhaha!  Typo.
Hahahahahhaha! Typo.

Speaking of directors and immortals, here's one that hasn't died yet: Brazilian something or other (sports daily?) Lance! (en garde!) claims that Willian is close to signing with Chelsea "this week". Again. The same Willian [profile] who had seemingly been so close to signing with Chelsea in January...but at which point he instead transmogrified into Gary Cahill and helped us win the Champions League. Thanks AVB!

The proposed transfer fee back then was on the order of £20m, but that did not fly with the outspoken Shakhtar chairman. Mind you, this is the same dude who claimed that Willian was just as good as Hazard.


In any case, Lance! is obviously written in Portuguese, which does not bode well for my understanding. Placing my faith in Google Translate, my understanding did not improve tremendously:

The striker Willian, Shakhtar Donetsk, may be close to hitting a move to Chelsea.

Interesting. I'm assuming this will be done with a baseball bat? I hope it's a hitter's count! Wouldn't want Willian to strike out on the move. Again! the beginning of talks between Shakhtar and Chelsea, the value offered by the English was lower than desired by the Ukrainians, but in recent days, the numbers came.

Oh. Moneys. Always the moneys. So more than the 20 lemons we offered in January? I mean I know that Roman loses more than that running for the bus...but that strikes me as a bit of an overpay for a 23-year-old, largely unproven player who, on his off days, reminds a bit too much of Theo Walcott (i.e.: ridiculous speed, headfirst into a wall).

On the other hand...BUY ALL THE BRAZILIANS!

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