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Milan Lalkovic Is Moving... Somewhere

We here at We Ain't Got No History are rather fond of one Milan Lalkovic. No, he's not a top prospect in any real sense of the term, but he's quite good, young, and his Twitter feed is an often-surreal look into the life of a teenaged professional footballer. Today, however, he might be doing something weird -- breaking news:

So I think we were all invited to Milan Lalkovic's place for a moving party or something. I'm not sure what that entails, but my best guess is that it involved watching Austin Powers and saying 'lol' a lot (eigentweeting!). Anyway, it sounds like he's going somewhere but isn't planning on telling us a) where it is and b) whether or not it's a loan deal or a permanent sale. I have my doubts as to whether he's ever going to be a significant first-teamer, but I'd really rather keep him around. I'd miss him otherwise.


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