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Wherein Suddenly Lucas Moura!

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So there was a story floating about late Friday about Manchester United making a €33m bid for Brazilian starlet Lucas Moura. As Chelsea had been linked with Lucas before, there was a potential story here for us as well. In fact, our Brazilian correspondent 'trOOly' wasted no time in weighing in via a FanShot. Alas, with Graham having reached his breaking point for the day and Stephen entirely uninterested in this rumor, it fell to me to possibly write something.

Yet it turns out that's it's all quite pointless. Does ManU even have that much to spend? Would Sao Paulo accept a similar bid from United as to what they rejected from Chelsea? Would Sao Paulo accept any bid at all? Is Lucas Moura this summer's Neymar (where is Neymar, by the way)? Do we even care? I mean unless Lucas becomes Cristiano Ronaldo redux...well, never mind.

As I was contemplating life, love, and the conundrums above, a movie came on (the actual process behind said movie appearing was a bit more involved than that, but that's beside the point). Straight from the twisted Dali-esque mind of Tarsem, via a series of tubes and through the AppleTV, came 2006's The Fall. I must confess, I love this movie. It does not have a great plot, nor does it have great acting, but by god is it ever beautiful. My word! Gorgeous, stunning, phenomenal. If you have not seen it, set aside a couple hours, fire up your HDTV (the bigger, the better), Netflix Instant, and enjoy. As Roger Ebert put it: "You might want to see for no other reason than because it exists."

Drawing a rather tenuous parallel between transfer rumors and the movie resulted in this here series of words. You have read it for no other reason than because it was here. Possibly you had hoped that it had something to do with super-talent Lucas Moura...but that plot got lost somewhere a couple paragraphs ago. Oh well.

So there we have it: a pointless post about a pointless rumor related pointlessly to a mostly pointless movie*. Only pointless comments please!

*I should emphasize again that I absolutely adore The Fall. Comparing it to worthless transfer rumors is doing it a huge disservice. I apologize to myself.

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