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Report: Hamburg are looking to sell Gökhan Töre, Chelsea will receive 50% of the fee

Many fans were surprised when Chelsea decided to sell Gokhan tore to HSV last summer, as the Turkish wing had definite potential and Chelsea had definite depth issues on the wings. The deal was reportedly for 1.3 million, with a clause in the deal that entitled Chelsea to 50% of any future fee that HSV would make if Tore was sold before his new deal expired. Tore has always been a bit of a troublemaker off the pitch, and HSV boss Thorston Fink has had his shares of issues with the talented young winger. If reports out of Germany are in fact true, the HSV hierarchy has decided it's time to alleviate some of their financial difficulties by cashing in on Tore.

There will certainly be plenty of interest in Tore, as statistically he was noted as the best dribbler in Europe last season. that's one of those stats that can be exceptionally misleading and likely doesn't mean anything, but it may in fact help HSV to get the 5 million that are reportedly asking despite the fact that Tore is a bit of a headache. if they do, that would mean an additional 2.5 million of income for Chelsea that we really weren't expecting. It's a drop in the bucket compared to some of the other money we make, but those drops do add up.

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