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John Terry Found Not Guilty

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The verdict just came down from the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand racial abuse case, and it was a favorable one for the Chelsea center back. Terry was found not guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand and will not be facing a fine for his actions. While the fine itself would have been very minimal (for Terry), the PR ramifications for this would have been catastrophic had he been found guilty.

There is not yet word on how the FA will approach this situation, but it will certainly be an interesting story to follow. The Luis Suarez ban would have never held up in court either, but that particular incident never reached the court system. Having already seen Terry found not guilty in this case and with no actual players claiming to have heard the abuse, I doubt at this point that Terry will even be looking at charges. Then again, it's hard to tell what the FA will do as they clearly don't act logically on a regular basis. We'll keep watching, but for now things look good for John Terry.

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