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Report: Real Madrid offer £40m for Luka Modric

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The Telegraph has a completely unsourced rumor out there right now stating that Real Madrid have offered to pay a ludicrous sum of money for Luka Modric. While I'm a bit skeptical of the rumor at this point, it certainly would be as close to a deathblow for the Luka to Chelsea dream as possible if it's true. Common sense would dictate that Tottenham would prefer to sell Luka Modric abroad as opposed to sending him to a Premier League rival. The best hope for Chelsea was always going to be that no clubs abroad offered anything close to what Chelsea could offer for the talented Croatian, but this offer would crush that hope.

Assuming for a second that this offer did indeed happen, Chelsea would realistically have to offer at least £45 million to tempt Daniel Levy into selling Modric domestically, and frankly that guess might even be a bit on the conservative side. So what do you all think? If this rumor is true, should Chelsea still be sniffing around? Should they consider going close to £50 million? Vote in the poll and discuss away.

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