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Internacional President Confirms Chelsea Interest In Oscar

We need more photos of Oscar.
We need more photos of Oscar.

Because it's been way too long since we had an update on a certain 20-year-old Brazilian...

Unless you speak Portuguese, that tweet may not make a lot of sense to you. I don't either, so here's the translated and paraphrased version: Giovanni Luigi has confirmed Chelsea's interest in Oscar (along with some other transfer stuff that matters less to us). That wouldn't be a big deal if Vagner Martins wasn't the head editor of 4-3-3 Esportes in Brazil and Giovanni Luigi wasn't Internacional's president, but they are.

In other words, this is the first official-sounding confirmation that a deal's in the works. If you've been waiting to get excited because nobody's talking about this on the record, you can start to get slightly excited. Granted, there's no indication as to just how close any deal is to completion, or if Internacional are even interested in selling, but this does back up the rumours we've been hearing all well. Good times.

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