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Report: Fiorentina would consider selling Stevan Jovetic for €30 million

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There's been a lot of news hitting the internet today that has some relevance to Chelsea fans, and we have even more for you this evening. Sky Sports is reporting that Fiorentina are willing to sell rumored Chelsea traget Stevan Jovetic if their asking price is met. Fiorentina sporting director Daniele Prade had the following to say:

Since the start of the season we have said that we are not selling Jovetic. There is, however, an agreement with the player that above a certain figure, we will sit down and evaluate the offer. So far we have not received an offer for the player. He is a top player and we will only consider offers above 30million euros. He has the potential to become a player like Francesco Totti.

That's certainly interesting news, as Jovetic would fill an awful lot of voids for Chelsea while still fitting into their youth movement nicely. I know many of you will be thrilled by this, although it's unclear if we'd be willing to go that high for the player. It will bear watching though, so we'll make sure to pay attention.

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