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John Terry's Trial Descends Into Farce

A racism trial is no laughing matter, of course, but this one seems to be a bizarre parody of the UK's justice system and it's only getting more surreal today. First of all, dozens of statements from Chelsea players about John Terry's lack of racism were read (I was slightly disappointed to hear that David Luiz's was not "HELLO GEEZERS! I LOVE TERRY. ENJOY THE LIFE!") and then Jose Mourinho did an Inigo Montoya impression except without the killing people part.

Then we had this:

Paul Waugh's biography looks both impressive and reasonably serious, but I was taking that as an onionesque joke until...

I'm still not sure whether or not this actually happened, because my brain is refusing to accept something this ludicrous, but if it did this trial has descended into the realms of the absolutely absurd. Just when you thought that a competitive lip-reading contest couldn't get any more ridiculous.

And if that's not real, it's pretty funny anyway.

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