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Oscar Claims He's Not Going Anywhere

Bongarts/Getty Images

Hey remember how the Daily Mail were claiming that Chelsea had signed Oscar? Like, two hours ago? Time for a good old splash of cold water on that story:

Oh! Turns out that wasn't entirely true, which isn't that surprising since it came out of absolutely nowhere. Still, annoying. My interpretation here is that something is brewing but won't happen for a while, and the Mail and Telegraph jumped the gun.

So instead of treating this as a new signing, it's probably better if we look at it as a very strong rumour -- I'm not buying Oscar staying at Internacional when they could get so much money for him, and Chelsea are almost certainly extremely interested in him. Has a deal been finalised now that will go through later? I have no idea, although it's possible.

No matter what, we should be keeping a close eye on him during Brazil's Olympics campaign. This'll be a fun one to track over the next couple of months.

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