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Should Chelsea entertain the idea of selling John Terry?

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Silly season is certainly upon us, and French papers are running with a story this morning that just about takes the cake. According to the French press, PSG are interested in Chelsea captain John Terry. The PSG/Chelsea connection is obvious, as Carlo Ancelotti was a very popular guy in the dressing room. PSG also have lots of monay and not enough good players. Beyond that though, there doesn't seem to be any reason to believe this story is anything but rubbish.

This rumor does bring up an interesting question though. If a club came calling with a good offer for John Terry, would we be wise to consider selling? Terry is 31, and while he's still a valuable player his best years are certainly behind him. He's also got his trial scheduled to begin shortly, and at the conclusion of the trial it's quite possible we'll be looking at a lengthy ban. There is certainly an argument to be made that the team would be wise to cash in on Terry if a big offer came in.

Terry's perspective is interesting as well. He's quite possibly the least popular player in England outside of the Chelsea fanbase, and this upcoming trial will only make that worse. Regardless of the outcome, Terry is going to be under an even bigger microscope than usual in the coming months. After the Champions League final this May, Terry has now won everything possible with Chelsea. A move abroad may be a nice break from the English media after this summer's near certain media circus.

I'm not going to get into my opinions on the subject, but I am going to ask you for yours. Ridiculousness of this rumor aside, would you consider selling John Terry? Vote in the poll and discuss away.

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