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What would you do with the following youngsters this fall (part 2)?

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Several nights ago, I asked you to decide what you would do with several of the Chelsea youngsters if you were in charge of the club. I gave you a dozen players and 5 choices for each one. The results are interesting, and you'll see them in an article at a later date. Before we get to that though, I want to give you another dozen players and let you decide what you'd do with them.

This group generally includes players who spent a potion of this season in the reserves or youth ranks. Kenneth Omeruo is included here even though I'm fully aware he'll be remaining at ADO Den Haag next season. That fact doesn't change the fact that I'd like to know your opinion, so for the purpose of this discussion let's assume you have the ability to decide what to do with the young Nigerian. Hit the jump and have at it...

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