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Manchester United Involved In Luka Modric Bidding

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Chelsea aren't the only team that need to strengthen their midfield. Manchester United, who require a long-term replacement for the irreplaceable Paul Scholes, are also on the prowl, and apparently they've been the first team to make a real bid for Tottenham Hotspur's Luka Modric.

For some reason this is being reported as United winning the race for the Croatian midfielder, and I'm not entirely sure why. The reported facts are that United have put in a £25M bid for Modric and that they'd be willing to offer him high wages - not that Spurs are willing to sell or that they've accepted said bid. All that's really happened is that United have shown a real interest, which was to be expected anyway. All three of the Premier League teams that have big ambitions for next season could use a Modric-type in midfield, so if Chelsea want him, they're going to have to win a bidding war and possibly threaten Daniel Levy with a power saw.

At any rate, nothing will happen while the Euros are going. This is wait and see time.

Added by Steve: Also in United news, there is some noise from the Polish national team that they'll be adding Robert Lewandowski as well. It does look like SAF is looking to replace some parts in an attempt to keep up with the Premier League champions and the European champions.

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