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Chelsea Lose Out On Battersea Site

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This is news that will make a few people happy but most fairly down, I suspect. If you don't want the Blues to move away from Stamford Bridge, there's good news! Chelsea have lost the bidding for the Battersea Nine Elms site that housed a certain iconic power station, one they planned on building a new stadium around. This was probably their best chance of building a new world-class stadium in this area of London, and although there are still other options, losing the most significant one is a real blow to the club's hopes of leaving Stamford Bridge.

It's bad news, of course, if you did want Chelsea to move. I fall in with the latter group - the club's revenues are at this point wildly out of sync with its ambitions, and if Roman Abramovic ever does become disinterested that bridge would suddenly become much more difficult to gap in light of financial fair play regulations. I'm worried about the need to rename Stamford Bridge in order to mitigate the relative revenue losses from losing out on a new stadium, a fate which, in my opinion, would be far more depressing than moving, and I'm also concerned that Chelsea's main way out of FFP may not come to fruition.

Plus, you know, I thought the idea of building a stadium around that beautiful building would be a super-neato idea. But then again I'm something of an architecture nerd, so whatevers.

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