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We Need to Talk About Kevin [De Bruyne Going On Loan].

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According to the last bastion of lazy British journalism, The Sun, Chelsea are going to loaning our favourite second-favourite third-favourite fourth-favourite young Belgian, Kevin De Bruyne to Premier League new boys Southampton for the 2012-13 season. Though a lot of us want him to stay with the team this year, the truth is, he probably isn't ready for much more than a bit role, so a loan makes sense to me. It might also save us another fiasco like Romelu LUKAKU's début season where he wasn't quite able to make the big step up to Premier League class. KDB will probably get plenty of minutes at the newly-promoted side, who will need all the help they can get in their fight for survival.

I think Southampton is a good place for him, really. They play reasonably-attractive football, and need someone who can slot into their side and make them better. Of course, whether a season on the South Coast is really better than a year as a bit-player at Chelsea is somewhat debatable, as he would presumably learn a great deal being around some of the best players and coaches in the game day in, day out. Personally, though, I think he's more advanced than that. After all, he was a viable threat in our two Champions League matches against Genk, so he should be able to terrorise at least the lower lights of the Premier League on a weekly basis.

Of course, it hasn't been confirmed by any party as yet, but this is one of those rumours which has seemingly little value in being false, and would fit the club's expected plan to a tee. Then again, it is from The Sun. : /

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